troy polamalu hair

Troy Polamalu's hair is worth $1 least that's what Head & Shoulders asked him to insure it for. Lloyds of London has insured Polamalu's hair for the specified amount, after request from the shampoo brand.

Those who know and love the Pittsburgh Steelers know that Troy Polamalu hasn't cut his hair since joining the team in 2003...that's 7 years without a haircut! Not only has he saved a lot money by not heading to the barber shop, he's also made a lot of money via endorsements from Head & Shoulders.
Troy Polamalu Hair

Troy Polamalu is not only an outstanding player -- he also possesses outstanding hair, at least in the opinion of Head and Shoulders, which has previously ran advertisements with the Steelers safety.

According to a press release, the shampoo company took out a $1 million insurance policy with the massive British reinsurer Lloyd's of London. The haircare brand boasts that Polamalu's legendary locks are "so ridiculously full and thick that end to end [his hair] spans 100 football fields."

Troy Polamalu is most famously known for his legion of luxurious locks. More so than any other professional athlete. Only Tim Tebow's monkish-do had the power to supplant Polamalu as the NFL's most curious hairstyle. But since Tebow has since paid his rookie dues, Polamalu once again regains the title as professional athlete most likely to wind up on Hair Ideas magazine. 

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